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Hello, I have a problem with my Dell Inspiron 1300. Last few days the laptop refused to connect to the internet. I tried almost everything i think, reinstalling drivers, plug/unplugg cable, even reinstalled the windows (windows XP). Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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  1. Unfortunaley, the tips you gave, didn't work. So here is my ipconfig/all.
  2. Well, anyone has any idea what's wrong?Please?
  3. Im connected via a cable. The wireless I'm using only when i go in a place that let's you connect via wireless.
  4. You don't need to re install drivers when it didn't turn bad - the image shown above is a Windows XP you have a wireless connection. In a wireless connection you need a SSID and a passphrase (pass key) in order to connect. So ask that to the person who set up your wireless router. You mentioned above that you tried plugging and unplugging the cable, so maybe that laptop has both wireless and a wire connection.

    Their is a disc that comes with your laptop insert it into the drive then after launching (autorun) look for LAN and install it - you might need to restart the computer after the installation.
  5. I dont have a wireless router, but im intending to buy one because of this problem. The problem is that the laptop won't connect through modem cable. I shows the laptop is connected, but when I check the status of Local Area Connection, it shows that i send packages but i dont receive. And after awhile a message appears and says, " Local area connection problem, no connectivity or limited...." I'm starting to think that the NIC is damaged.
  6. Ok problem fixed.Seems that the firewall was blocking my acces to the internet. Thanks for the tips anyway!
  7. My dell has win xp :p
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