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Hello, my computer cut off today and since will not stay on but for about 5-10 seconds before shutting down. Could it be my powr supply? I have a OCZGSX850 about 3 yrs old.
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  1. it can be... but looks more like cpu overheating, are you sure your cpu is with the cooler connected? is the fan running? thermal paste ok? if you can try this PSU in another computer just to make sure, the psu is good, but in 3 years a lot can happen.
  2. I took the cooler off the cpu and cleaned it, it had quite a bit of dust on the fins, but nothing changed. I'll take it off again and clean the paste off then put new on and see what happens. thanks, I'll get back to you after that.
  3. I would suspect the power supply or motherboard.

    The OCZ GameXStream Series suffered from ripple that exceeds tolerances documented in the ATX specifications.

    High ripple destroys the electrolytic capacitors in the power supply and on the motherboard and graphics card over time.

    Try a different known working power supply in your system to determine if the system is still functioning. If the system works then replace the OCZ GameXStream OCZ850GXS with a power supply with better quality.
  4. I replaced the power supply and it works just fine. Thanks for the advice gentlemen.
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