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I've never built a computer before, but there's a first time for everything. I just don't know where to start. With an $800 dollar budget, what's the best gaming computer I can get. Also, how would I add wifi/bluetooth capability?
Any advice/guides on how to actually assemble the parts would be appreciated.

Reliability and speed are my priorities. I don't care much about noise, size or audio.

I already have a monitor, keyboard/mouse, and windows.
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  1. Well, if you read some reviews you gonna see that the sweet spot for a gaming machine is a i5-2500k paired with a nvidia GTX 560Ti or the equivalent AMD VGA (sadly don't know by heart which one are).
    About the wifi/bluetooth it's all about if you gonna use it or not.
  2. - Can you use an old HD?
    - Do you prefer Nvidia / AMD?
    - Are you looking going for SLI / Crossfire in the future?
  3. I don't have an old HD, and I've noticed the skyrocketing prices. I'm actually considering stretching my budget and getting a 120gb ssd.

    I have no preference for Nvidia or AMD. I just want whichever is better.

    I don't even know what SLI/Crossfire is.

    Can anyone suggest specific parts with prices?
  4. Ok. Sli/Crossfire is using two graphics card at same time to increase the performance, usually a cheap way to increase performance at the cost of heat, noise, and some minor problems.

    For trouble saving, the best to do is getting a strong card when possible, and not two weaker cheaper cards and get it together.
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    Saw that build in another topic, posted by ScrewySqrl

    i5-2500K + Corsair 600W PSU: $274.98

    Hyper 212+ EVO: $34.99

    AS Rock Z68 Extreme 3 Gen 3: $124.99

    Crucial 8 GB DDR3-1600: $39.99

    HD 6870 w/ Dirt 3: $169.99

    Hitachi 500GB HDD w/ Free DVd Burner: $99.99

    Rosewill Blackbone case: $39.99


    shipping: $14.56

    Grand total: $799.48
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