Help finding a specific case!

I have been looking for a specific case that can house a specific radiator internally but can't seem to find any case that can do the same.

I am building an x79 Asus Rampage IV Formula build with two of the to be released AMD 7990's all liquid cooled but can't find a single case for the radiator I have already bought two of.

Magicool Extreme Triple 180mm
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  1. Think you have got me wrong...the radiators are 3x180mm not 3x120mm!
  2. thats a very long radiator--wouldnt thicker triple 120mm been a better idea--especially if you want to fit 2

    you can fit one in a silverstone raven rv02

    but for 2 rads that long you would need a really big case--maybe cosmos 2 ultra or temjin 11 might be able to fit

    2 in--but not sure
  3. I will just have a case custom made just for the rad's.
  4. hmmm approx 22 7/8 inches ... BIG ! .. alot of cases out there will work if your willing to do a lil modding . Using my case as an example ( lian li pc-a70f ) I could put the psu in the roof location , cut out the lower half of the hdd rack and have an inch to spair on the floor of the case . figuring this stuff out is half the fun ...cheers
  5. I have a Silverstone Raven 3 case that I could fabricate up a chamber on the bottom of the case to do a dual rad in push-pull config if that would work.
  6. badoosh said:
    Think you have got me wrong...the radiators are 3x180mm not 3x120mm!

    Apparently you didn't take into account this case mounts 2 x 230mm on top and 230mm front and has 3 rad locations.
    It's called McGyvering and this case is plenty big and wide enough to do!
  7. davcon said:
    Apparently you didn't take into account this case mounts 2 x 230mm on top and 230mm front and has 3 rad locations.
    It's called McGyvering and this case is plenty big and wide enough to do!

    Omg a McGyver reference ? were dating ourselves now :lol: but ya badoosh he's spot on , some of the solutions require some ( dare I say it ) "McGyvering" and they'll work as well as or better than an out of the package solution . " I pitty the fool that fears a dremel " ! :lol:
  8. Did I hear an angle grinder firing up?
  9. I've returned the rad's and exchanged them for a couple 140 rads.

    One 3x140 Black Ice GT Xtreme
    Two 2x140 Black Ice GT Stealth
    One 1x140 Black Ice GT Xtreme

    And ordered the NZXT Switch 810 case.
  10. No angle grinder then?
    /wanders off :P
  11. whatever solution works for you . godda have fun with it . cheers !
  12. Well I will be cooling a i7 990x and three MSI HD 6950's
  13. What mobo you throwing that all on?
    **Edit, nvm, reread original post :P
  14. wow ! almost 2k on the cpu and gpu's . Is this a government build ? Are my taxes gonna go up ? Sounds like a screaming fast systeem already . good luck with your build .
  15. I am starting a computer cooling business and the PC is going to be showcased. The motherboard will be the Asus Rampage III Formula. I already have the hardware just need to finish with the liquid cooling part which will be around $1500.

    The theme of the build will be the Asus Republic of Gamers. And yes every possible cable will be sleeved and stitched but nothing like the "Frankenstein" build you find with the i7 990x and 3-way SLI GTX 580 3GB cards!
  16. Oh I remember Frankie well hehe, beautiful build, especially after I badgered him into tidying up his cables out the back lol :)
  17. Good luck with your business . = dream job . I may be just a little bit jealous . Post pics when its done . Cheers :)
  18. The fans I have decided to use are the new Bitfenix Spectra Pro 140's. I have heard good things about these fans. I will post pics of the build from start to finish. I will be using my i7 990x with the 7990's instead of buying a new x79 CPU & Mobo.

    I just got my new Asus Rampage III Formula about two months ago since my old x58 EVGA board liked to eat up my ssd's by allowing too much voltage through the SATA ports but not frying my hdd's. It was strange but this Asus board is so much better.

    If anyone has any ideas or info on new tech for liquid cooling feel free to reply with a message and I will look into possibly having such tech in my new build!
  19. I'm researching w/c now ...I'll share anything I've learned thus far ...looking for products or general knowedge ? theres a good sticky on the overview
  20. Well this will be my first complete liquid build. The only liquid cooling I have done is technically not doing it myself but I currently use the Corsair H50 on my stock i7 950 unlocked to the 975 extreme with an OC @ 4.2Ghz...never seen it over 55c.

    Update on my build - Working with Photoshop CS5 to do some sketching for my logo's.
  21. I like the logo, hows it going to look at 1"x1" though?
    you have to consider scaling on different sizings considering that may be your logo for letterheads etc as well
  22. I like everything but the skull . Sorry . its been done to death . Does appeal to many though so I guess its subjective .:)
  23. I have been working on the logo since my last post and here is the update!

    I will have a top layer and a in-between layer of uv red acrylic with a uv led behind that so it lights up the red.
  24. I get the new case today in the mail. I hope my camera still work so I can start to do updates on the build. First pics will be of the case and current contents. I may upload a video as well!
  25. good luck with your build :)
  26. Got the case but it shorted out my motherboard and fried my ssd...working on fixing it
  27. omg ouch !
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