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I am getting a HAF 922 case. I am also thinking about getting two Gigabyte 6870 GPU so I can crossfire. The problem I hear is that the cooling system Gigabyte uses leaves hot air in the case and thus, the top card in a CF setup would get hot. If I had a HAF 922, would that be much of a problem though?

I am getting the Gigabyte 6870 though because it is inexpensive at 190 (160 with rebate) and because it is f*kin huge ;)
but because it is cheap.

Also, one more thing to consider, should I just go with MSI Twin Frozr II 6870 which cost 200 (180 with rebate) and pay a little more for better cooling/ OC performance?

Thanks for the help.
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    Be careful with some of those aftermarket coolers, some of them actually use up 3 slots worth of space up because the cooler's so huge.

    However, assuming that two of either one of those fit in crossfire, you should be OK. I'd still personally try and go for the ones that exhaust the heat outside the case.
  2. You should get GTX 560 Ti's... 190 with rebates... and they'll be like >>> 6870 CF.
  3. The 560 is actually on par with a 6870.


    It gets only a few fps better in most games, barely noticeable. Additionally, OP wanted to get two AMD/ATI cards for crossfire.
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