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I have to run Orichi-CEG to run BO's 2 and COD MW3 it make the games run fine but I have to do it everytime I play it says I need a Bios update to fix the problem is it worth the risk or just leave it the way it is? I play these games on Steam if that makes a difference. Thanks
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    If it needs a BIOS update to run right. I'd say do it. Back up all of your files. research your MOBO to find out the best way to flash your BIOS. Most MOBO companies have BIOS updates on their websites. Download the newest one for your cpu/mobo combo and flash away. If it is an option save your current bios to an external disk or flach drive just in case the update doesn't take.
  2. when u press the "update" button, step back from the computer, hold ur breath and don't allow anyone/thing near the machine till u see "complete" or it restarted or w/e.
  3. updating a BIOS is painless and only takes a few minutes.

    just read up on how to do it for your motherboard so you understand what you're doing. but honestly from what it use to be like from a floppy drive, i feel like i am cheating anymore . . .

    edit: its a rather good idea to reset to default values before doing it.
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