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I play Counter-Strike. It's a major fps game and currently I am building my new system. And I want the best 17inch LCD monitor for gaming. I was looking at the Hercules ProphetView 920. But I am not sure. For CRTs I am looking for 19inches or bigger. But please anyone. I really like the LCDs. But I just want what would be best for my new gaming system. Thanks alot.
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  1. The best 17inch LCD monitor for gaming at the moment is Hitachi CML174SXW.
  2. yes, I've owned that monitor now for 4 month (it's been great so far) waiting for 19 inch model now to run dual monitors
  3. This board has been asked this very same question many times over the past few months, and the response is always - get the Hitatchi. I think for any serious gamer 16ms response is a must.

    However, I wanted something taht would match my system, and imho the Hitatchi looked ugly - and didnt fit. There were a few Acer models that did - but availability was non-existant.

    What did I do? Well, I decided to buy a Iiyama Visionmaster 1451 - only £140, great quality 19" CRT. I'll wait another 12-24 months to see what pans out with LCDs that I like - things can only get better, or prices lower ;) After all, even the best LCDs still don't seem to me to be suited to gaming yet - just check out things such as motion blur and all that malarky in these boards.
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