ATI 6970: Do i need the same reference model to Crossfire them?

I'm fairly unexperienced when it comes to this kind of stuff, so if i'm misinformed, please accept my apologizes.

So heres the thing, i've been a PC gamer for a long time, but most of the time i simply sent my PC to a friends house(who knew about this stuff) and he would make most of the changes for me(i would buy a new Graphics card, and he would install, things like that), but he had to leave the country and he won't be coming for a while, so i decided to take of my PC myself, it was the lol.

i currently have an XFX HD 6970, i'm happy with it, i thought it would be enough to play Battlefield 3(which is a game i'm highly anticipating, i've always been a Battlefield fan), but the resent reveal for the requirements tell i'll be able to play it, but not with the quality i wanted(1080p), and i have a lot of plans for the following years, so i decided to simply have dual GPUs, so that i really don't have to hear anything about GPUs for a long time, thing is though, a new XFX 6970 won't be arriving at my store for a 1 more month, and all the have right now is a sapphire and a Diamond, although the have the same price and i am aware that they are reference models, so they have pretty much the same power, but i don't know about the internal technology or the crossfire capability

So my question is, Do i need another XFX card in order to be able to use Crossfire on them?
Or any 6970 will work?

Please answer.
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  1. any 6970 should work regardless brand. you can read this FAQ to know more about CF:

    btw i think your 6970 alone should be able to handle BF3 properly at 1080p. if i were you i will add another card if i'm not happy with the performance or simply want to play the game on max setting with very good frame rates no matter what. just my 2 cent :)
  2. i am actually looking forward to Playing the game maxed out, but giving that the 6970 is not, from what i understand, a hell of a lot more powerful than the 560(the recommended graphics card for bf3), i'm guessing i would only be able to Run at 1080p if a downgrade it a bit, just my guessing.
    But the Beta starts on tuesday (i got an invitation), so i'll be able to make my tests with that, though i'm guessing the game will looks better.

    But anyway, Thank you so much for the Reply!
  3. who told you the 6970 isn't more powerful than the 560 ? And who says the 560 is the "recommended" card for that game ? I have/had/have 560's and they can't hold their own against a 6950 let alone a 6970. And with the extra tessellation that game is supposed to knock out I'd say the 6970 will blow it's doors off. Stop reading the benchmarks that proclaim FPS as being the only thing that matters when gaming. There's more to it than that.
  4. "who told you the 6970 isn't more powerful than the 560 ?"

    i didn't said it wasn't more powerful, learn to read better.
    i said that, from i was told, 6970 wasn't a lot more powerful than the 560, but that is certainly more powerful.
    this is what i was told, but i suppose he was misinformed.

    "And who says the 560 is the "recommended" card for that game ? "

  5. every game has "sponsers"......... plays better on nvidia/intel, the way it's meant to be played or some BS... ???? these company's pump millions into the game developement just for advertising. do you think dice would say plays better on AMD if they took money from AMD ?
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