Please help, new build PC will no longer power up

So my pc has been running great for the past 2 weeks and all of a sudden it just shut off a while ago. So I turned it back on and it was fine for a couple of minutes and it just went off again with no warning.

Now I can't turn it on. The green led light is still on the motherboard though.

Ive tried different cables, different mains. Pretty sure nothing is shorting the motherboard. 24pin and 8pin power cables are plugged in ok.

Please help me, what's wrong with my PC ?
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  1. Are the CPU and case fans spinning when starting the board? If not, there's a test for power supplies:
  2. No, nothing happens. Its completely dead but a green led standby light on the motherboard
  3. Then test the power supply by shorting the green and black wires (as in the video) if the fan does not spin, then it's a power supply issue. At least.
  4. Is it the power supply if it supplies enough power to ligjt the green standby led light on the motherboard ?
  5. Yes, it might not provide 12V. Why don't you test it?
  6. Also, is there any danger to damage anything by doing the test
  7. Also, the psu has been working fine unill now. Is it possible for it suddenly stop working ?
  8. There is no danger, haven't you watched the video? If you are afraid to test it, borrow a PSU and see if the board would start.
  9. If theres no danger, then I'll try it, I'll try it in a couple of hours. What if the fans power up fine ?

    Thanks for taking the time to help by the way. Really appreiciate it :)
  10. Then it might be a board issue. But I suspect it's the PSU. On the other hand a faulty motherboard can damage the power supply and viceversa.
  11. The PSU and the fans ran succesfully in test .
    Now what can I do ?
  12. Try taking the board outside the case and start it with only CPU and CPU fan installed. If still the CPU fan doesn't spin, then it's a motherboard issue.
  13. Can it be a motherboard since it been working great for 2 weeks with no problems, plus the power led light is glowing ?
  14. How do I power up the board if its not in the case ?
  15. By shortly connecting together with a screwdriver the 2 pins where the wires from the power switch are connected (it's what happens when pressing the power button - shorting the 2 pins).
  16. Ok thanks, Ill get back to you in about an hour.
    Thanks again for your time
  17. Ok, tried that and it still wouldn't boot.
    The standby green led light is still lighten however
  18. So I guess the motherbpards dead ?
    But theres a small chance it could still be the PSU right ?
  19. Yes, it could be either the board or the PSU.
  20. What do you suggest I do ?
  21. Since it's under warranty, try contacting the reseller.
  22. Ok, will do.
    Is there anything I could do to test it further.
    Can I use my old psu with the motherboard to see if it boots
  23. Definitely you can try it.
  24. Just checked, that its only a 20pin and a 4pin cables, so I can't do that.
  25. Tried the PSU and the motherboard still wouldn't start. I guess i'll have to return the motherboard
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