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Hi guys,

I'm going to slowly upgrade (read: rebuild) my computer and I'm trying to figure out what GPU setup will work best within my budget. I'm fine with the performance as of right now for work, but I'm trying to get a little more for gaming.

Games I play are generally Civ V, Cities XL 2011, Skyrim when it comes out (tons) and maybe Battlefield 3. Wouldn't mind trying out Starcraft 2 on of these years. Oh, and I swear I'll get through Mass Effect 1 & 2 this coming year.

Anyway, I'm running a AMD Phenom II X4 965BE with 8gb ddr3 and a HD 5770 @ 1920x1080 resolution.

My options look to be:

1. Buy a HD 6950 w/ 2gb ram


2. Buy a HD 6870 w/1gb ram now and then buy a 2nd one in say 2-3 months (depending on holiday deals).


3. Buy a new Mobo and a 2nd HD 5770.

Trying to stay away from Nvida because I also have a 3D projector I hook the computer up to from time to time. And I don't mind upgrading in say 2013, so don't need something that can account for every possible game upgrade for years.

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  1. 6950 imo, better futureproof with the 2G.
  2. Not sure what the projector has to do with nVidia / ATI since I run my 3D tv off my 560 Ti but anyhow.

    I would go with the 6950, as it will be able to handle everything you need it for. SLI is not going to really help you with anything, and you need larger PSU and probably a different MB, so I would just go with the 6950.

    If you were willing to reconsider the nVidia cards a 560Ti or 570 will be better performing and should be around the same price point.
  3. Ah ok, I have the Acer HD 5360 projector and I thought that if I put a Nvidia card in the system I'd then have to get their 3D pack stuff. I'm using DLP link.

    If that's not that case, then Nvidia is fine.
  4. All new nVidia drivers include 3d support, and all the new cards come with an HDMI output, which your projector will accept.

    I haven't tried it with a projector, but it works with my tv without a hitch.
  5. As to the 6950, I'm leaning towards this one:

    I can get it on Amazon right now for $265, free ship and $20 rebate. Get Dues and Dirt 3 is a nice bonus I guess (never played them).
  6. I have a 6950 2gig in my gaming machine. It can't be beat. I like it a lot except for the heat. ( XFX ). I do like the cooling solution on the one you picked.

    wouldn't waste my time cross-firing 2 lesser cards. Not worth it.
  7. The 6950 you chose seems to be an excellent card. I'd go for that, especially since you tend to prefer ATI :)
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