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I'm installing an Asus Sabertooth and the manual shows little fans you can install onto the Thermal Armor. I'm running a large Cooler Master CPU fan, and it's a HAF full tower with 4 big fans. Do I still need to install these little ones? They just seem like they get in the way, but I didn't know if it had anything to do with the Armor stuff. Thanks!
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    Well, this is kind of why I do not recommend the Sabertooth. Technically you should put them in because they are designed to vent the air under the armor... basically the armor reduces overall temp but also holds it nice and snug on the MOBO. You can leave them off and check your MOBO temps with the HWMonitor or just the Asus suite tool, and if you find your MOBO temps to be high (for example, I have a downdraft cooler and the model below the Sabertooth without the armor, my MOBO never gets above 38c) you can toss them on. I have also read because they are 30mm fans (I think) that they can get quite loud, I am not sure what kind of throttling you can perform on them.
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  3. Thanks for the info!
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