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Hello All,

I am swapping out my old mobo (ASUS M4N78 PRO) for a Gigabyte 990fx-UD5 and have to remove the nvidia chipset drivers before I can swap the mobos. The problem is that the M4N78 PRO has crashed and is no longer usable. Now normally switching to an updated AMD chipset driver would post no problems, except that the old mobo runs on nvidia chipset drivers, so when I plug in the new mobo, windows 7 will crash. I am very familiar with unix live cd's and plan on using parted magic to remove the chipset so there won't be any conflict, problem is, I don't know where they are stored and I can't find a driver sweeping program that runs on Linux. See my problem???

Thanks for reading my long winded post and I am looking forward to your help.
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  1. Hi,
    I would firstly try a Windows repair (insert the Windows DVD, boot from it and choose Repair your computer), SATA set to IDE in BIOS.
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    tried "safe mode" ?

    is there a reason you can't just re-install windows?
  3. ^ Can you do that without reformating? I have limited HDD space and can't rescue all of my data on my secondary drive and mobile drive...
  4. yes you can. any previous user files will be put in a folder call "windows.old"
  5. One more question, do I do the re-install in safe mode or boot the cd and do a custom installation?
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  7. boot off of the DVD.

    edit: don't worry about custom - during the installation W7 will tell you another OS has been detected and ask if you want to "overwrite". then it will inform you of the windows.old folder.
  8. Awesome, So just remove all files in My documents/pictures/music and I should be good right?
  9. Computerrock1 said:
    Awesome, So just remove all files in My documents/pictures/music and I should be good right?

    the users files, docs, music, and appdata is what it will save.

    what were you looking at keeping?

    but if you do get into safemode; you can run driver fusion (was driver sweeper) to get rid of the chipset drivers.
  10. Well, if I can get into safe mode, I will definetly go that route and install the sb50 chipset drivers in safe mode as well...
  11. i'd try that first, if you're successful no need to reinstall. and i would consider getting a hard drive to copy/back up data you wish to keep for in the future. i pretty much do a reformat and clean install every 6-8 months myself.
  12. Well, the mobo and RAM was a gift for christmas, I have no money for a backup hdd, otherwise I would have gone that route immediately... Thanks for your help!
  13. good gifts and no sense looking a "gift horse in the mouth".

    you're welcome.
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