CPU & graphic card compatible with my motherboard?

I would like to improve my PC's hardware and I have an ASRock G31M-S motherboard. I wish to know if I can insert these certain components or better, if my motherboard is compatible with this CPU and graphic card:

-Gigabyte GeForce GT 630 , 2 GB, PCI-E (GV-N630-2GI) graphic card
- Processor Intel Core i3 2120 3,3 GHz Box, 1155

At the moment I have DualCore Intel Pentium E5300, 2600 MHz Processor & a Nvidia GeForce 9500GT graphic card installed if that helps.
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  1. Here's the specs on your board:

    The list on the right shows what CPU's you can use:

    The Graphics will plug in, but will not run to its full potential. MOBO= PCIE, GPU=PCIE 2.0

    IMO you may want to look into a new motherboard for your upgrade.
  2. There is an cpu compatibility list and yours has the wrong socket, it will not fit:
  3. that motherboard is too old for that CPU. They use different socket types.

    mobo socket type: LGA775
    i3 CPU socket type: LGA 1155
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