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560 ti or 570?

Had pretty much decided on a 560 ti, probably:

but I see Newegg has the Shellshocker on this Zotac gtx 570 for $265:

Is it worth $40-$50 more for the Zotac 570?
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  1. Yep,570 is worth it if the price difference is $50(or lower)
    BTW,Both of those links are for 560Ti DCII
  2. Thanks. Fixed the link. The Zotac sold out. My experience with Newegg Shellshockers is that whatever was on the shellshocker will reappear a few days or a week later with a regular price even less than the shellshocker, so I'll keep an eye on it. Never heard of Zotac either, would rather go with EVGA, ASUS or MSI for this.
  3. The 570 is only 1 tier above the 560Ti. I doubt that you would see a noticeable difference.
  4. If you can get the 570 then go for it. I say it's worth it
  5. clarkjd said:
    The 570 is only 1 tier above the 560Ti. I doubt that you would see a noticeable difference.

    Yes but there is definitely a difference. If he was upgrading to a 570 from a 560ti then yeah, not worth it. But for a new card I'd say a few more bucks is worth it in the long run provided he has the CPU to utilize it.
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    having owning both my oc'ed asus dc2 gtx 560ti runs identical to my former (gave to cousin) PNY gtx 570, i cannot tell a difference, so Id say unless you can get a 570 for like 250 then Id get a quality 560ti like the ones offered from Asus or MSI and oc the hell out of it and save some coin so personally I'd say it comes down to price but don't expect the 570 to noticeably different imo unless of course you were to oc the hell out of it to approach the 580 mark so In the end its all relative... I especially like the ASUS DC2 model for gtx 560ti or gtx 570...
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