Motherboard Does not Recognize GPU

I just bought a Asus P8Z77-V mobo with Intel i5 3570K. I already had a nvidia 560ti and Thermaltake 550w psu and am using Windows 8 professional. Once it's all assembled and my mini HDMI plugged into the 560ti the machine does not recognize the nvidia GPU. I have current nvidia drivers that also do not recognize the GPU as being installed. It was working this morning on my old MSI mobo. I'm thinking it must be an issue with the pci-e. Any suggestions?
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  1. or you forget to set on bios to get PCI E first

    sometimes it is set to get only IGP :)
  2. It was set to auto, but I changed it to pci-e. Still does not recognize the GPU. I don't want to think I have some bad hardware, just that there is a switch or setting that I'm missing somewhere. It's been a couple of years since I built a PC and this is my first intel build. I've alway built AMD before.
  3. I fixed it by uninstalling the nvidia drivers and reinstalling them.
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