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What are the best specs for a gaming system that youve seen or heard of? and I mean THE BEST.
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  1. i7-2600k with a trifire 6970.
  2. There's difference b/w BEST and an OVERKILL make your mind first, in case you ask me an overkill specs well.. Here is it:,3031.html

    My goodness, 2x GTX580 holly mother's earth!
  3. Yes Overkill system. and WOW @ 2x GTX580 <3
  4. Anyway want you want to achieve exactly? That won't be an overkill if your needs are very big like multiple 27' display etc. :D

    What is your max budget please follow the posting format.
  5. Oh, im not really building a rig atm. I was just wondering what is a beast of a computer these days. Thanks anyway!
  6. Stoopid!
    I buy a Ford/Chevy car to go to the store and drive to Granny's house. I don't need a Maserratti.
    You younger peeps are being 'sucked in' by the marketers who promote the "Latest and Greatest'.
    Buy what you want. It's the way it should be.
  7. Can't you read? He's not going to do anything. He just wants to know what's the most overkill build that posters have heard of.

    Calling people stupid while not being able to read properly is ironic.
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