Unlocking AMD Sempron 145

Hi guys,

OK, so here's my first thread here, and it's about my AMD Sempron 145 CPU. Now as you can probably tell from the title I want to try and unlock that second core...

I am completely new to both unlocking and overclocking so please be gentle, and also forgive my noobie cockiness.

My motherboard is the Asus M4A78LT-M LE and as you'd expect I have the option of pressing 4.

I have already tried this method, and failed... I know I failed as when I turn on my PC it doesn't post ( which I can guess is not good ).

I then tried BIOS, doing the following:

In the Advanced tab,
CPU Configuration,
Enabled ACC,
Enabled Unleashed Mode,
and tried different options under that i.e setting the auto to single core etc...

NB :- Here's the interesting thing ( could just be a default thing ) as I went through the different option ( I think it said something like 'active cores ) the one that lets you choose how many hidden cores to unlock, it said I could choose from six... Does this mean my CPU could potentially be a hex core processor, and thats why I got a failed post? due to the fact my system is kinda running a 230 watt psu?

Anyway. I did some research and found out you can tweak the Vcore voltage up so that it gives your cpu more volts at a user defined pace ( instead of it being auto which is default ). Now this is my last question ( I know there are loads in this thread already and I'm sorry ) can and should I start playing with this with maybe one of the '6 available' cores at a time and see if I can actually get a post? And will my stock heatsink and fan cope with the extra heat? And how far should I go before giving up? With the Vcore I mean.

Hmm... That was an extra two questions which I'm sorry about.

And one last thing as I said above I am completely new to unlocking/overclocking cpu's, well the bios in general, but if you give abbreviation's like AAC could you put in brackets what it abbreviates? i.e. FSB ( what ever it actually is ) sorta thing.

Thanks! Jamie
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  1. I can tell you with certainty that you don't have 6 cores on that processor, it's a dual core Athlon II wtih 1 core disabled, the BIOS just shows 6 because it can support the Phenom II X6 that way.

    If you've done what you can in the BIOS to try unlocking and it won't POST that tells me the other core is defective and your stuck on single core operation. If it simply needed more voltage it would probably still POST and crash during windows start up or be unstable once windows loads. AMD locks some that are defective, and locks some that work to meet demand of lower end parts.
  2. Ahh OK, and I know that AMD lock cores on their cpu's either because said cores are defective, or to keep up with market demand with a lower cpu.

    Shame though, could've used the second core as I'm trying to run a render rig, so there is no point in trying Vcore? To see if the other core is actually defective and not just undervolted?
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