Did I fry my extreme6 z77?

Ok, so I followed this guide guide (http://www.overclock.net/t/1198504/complete-overclocking-guide-sandy-bridge-ivy-bridge-asrock-edition), and got up to 4.5Ghz on my i5 3570k in an Asrock z77 extreme6 with a cooler master hyper 212 evo. It ran the prime95 test just fine, but when I tried to run 3dmark or battlefield 3, they would hang the system. I increased the turbo voltage by one step, and same problem. Then I saw that I hadn't updated the BIOS, so I downloaded the update, closed all my programs, and started running it. It got through a few things it seems, then stopped responding and windows shut it down. Now when I start my computer I all the fans whir up, but I get nothing but a black screen. I pressed the reset button on the motherboard, and the clr cmos button, and now after saying 4F, the mobo says d0, which means "CPU initialization error." Did I mess it up by trying to update the bios when the settings weren't stock? Did I fry the cpu or the motherboard with that teensy bit of extra voltage? Is it possible to recover from this problem?
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  1. Prior flashing the BIOS, yes, it should be set to default.
    The BIOS chip is on socket. You can try ordering one from ebay and replacing the boards's one, hoping that it's only a BIOS issue. Or RMA the board.
  2. always revert to default bios settings before a bios flash
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