Powerful gaming and multitasking build in need of review

Could you please review my build and give me some advice on the core components?


Usage: Gaming, multitasking, video rendering (rarer) and compiling.
Owned: The only parts that I already own are the case and PSU.
Stores: eBuyer, Scan, dabs.com and Amazon preferred; UK-based.


PSU: Coolermaster GX 550W.
CASE: Coolermaster Elite 430. >
CPU: AMD Phenom II X6 1100T [Black Edition] 3.3 GHz. *
RAM: G-Skill 4GB, DDR3, 1600MHz, CL7(7-8-7-24), 1.6V.
HDD: Western Digital, Black, 750GB (7200 RPM), 6GB/s, 64MB.
GPU: Sapphire HD 6790, 1GB GDDR5, dual out. ^
NET: Cisco WMP600N-EU, Wireless-N, Dual-Band, PCI Adapter.
COOLING: Move 120mm front fan to side and replace front with
140mm fan, get three additional 120mm fans for top and back. >
OTHER: CD/DVD combo from LG. Windows 7 and Windows XP.
CPU cooler for less than £20, for noise and cooling obsession.


> Feel free to suggest 120mm fans with speed switch.
* I have also considered the cheaper 965/970/975.
~ USB 3 is not essential, but SATA 3.0 (6Gbit/s) is.
^ Don't know if it's good. Power 500W minimum stated.

Thanks in advance for any advice. :sol:
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  1. 9_breaker said:

    Can you tell me what the biggest differences are with this FX CPU? I haven't read much about them yet.

    I like your suggestions on the other two components so I will probably get them instead of what I listed.
  2. its more energy efficient aand a few other upgrades . here are the details

  3. 9_breaker said:

    Is AM3 the same as AM3+ for the purpose of choosing a motherboard?
  4. no am3 doesn't support bulldozers and am3+ does .
  5. 9_breaker said:
    no am3 doesn't support bulldozers and am3+ does .

    Okay, great. Thanks for clarifying that. :sol:
  6. the bulldozers have some good reviews and some bad . they don't do well in single threaded applications but in multi threaded ones they perform well . you should read some reviews to decide if you want to get it or not.
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