Will a x-fi supremefx audio card work in a rampage iii formula board

I just installed a new Rampage III Formula board and have issues with the integrated sound card. There is background noise in the audio. I have reinstalled Windows and all the drivers and still have the problem so was going to try a discrete sound card. I happened to have a X-Fi Supreme FX sound card from and old Rampage II Extreme board and was trying to get it to work, but the device manager will not even see the card. I have shut off the on board sound in BIOS but to no avail. The question arises as to whether it will even work in my board or is it propitiatory to the Rampage II Extreme board??
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    You could try but you would need the utility driver download from the Rampage II Extreme

    Sound Blaster X-Fi Utility V1.0(R19) for Windows XP 32/64bit & Vista
    32/64bit & Windows7 32/64bit.(WHQL)
  2. I installed the card in the PCIe X1 slot and tried to install the ASUS driver package that I downloaded from the web site and the drivers would not install. I kept getting the error that I did not have the right hardware to install those drivers. I went to the device manager and the sound card does not even show up even after I refresh it by searching for new hardware. I guess that I am out of luck. I know that the sound card is good because I had been using it for years and it worked fine in the Rampage II Extreme board. Thanks for taking the time to answer my post, I really appreciate the effort. I guess that I will just have to buy another sound card.... Bummer.
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