Fan Controller with LED switch??

Is there such a thing without being rediculous expensive? (<$50)

I currently have a Corsair 500R, love the case to death. It comes with 4 fans, 3 of which (side 200mm and (2) front 120mm) have white LEDs. The case also has a 3-way fan controller which I have those three hooked up to, with another button that turns the LEDs off and on. I'm in the process of installing some more fans with white LEDs and would like to be able to have them on a controller also, WITH the ability to turn off the LEDs. Is there such a product out there? Should I just try to hook the extra fans into the case controller?

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  1. I dont think its a function of the Fan controller to turn the FAN LED's on and off.

    I assume there is only 1 power plug for the fans and not 2?
    meaning that once there is power to the fan there is power to the LED's.
    all you control is the speed.

    You would need to seperate the LED's power from the fan's power in order to control the LED seperatly to the FAN.
  2. Yes the fan controller only controls the speed of the fans but its somehow also connected to the LED button which turns the fan LEDs off/on. As far as I know I plugged all three fans together into one connection and it goes to both the fan controller and LED button. I'm looking for a multiple channel controller that will do something similar. I will look closer at the wiring when I have some extra time to see exactly how it is wired together.
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    You can always use a standard fan controller and wire the LED's to corosponding switches mounted underneath the controller.
    that way you can get an inexpensive controller and drop a few $ on some switches and do it yourself.
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