Is my rig ok?

proc: a8 3850
mobo: asus f1a75m-pro
ram: ripjawsx 2x2gb cl8
psu: fsp hexa 500w
case: strike x
Cooler: hyper 212 +
hdd: seagate 500gb.

any suggestion? or comments about this rig?
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  1. look at the top of the forums on how to ask advice so we can help you out better
  2. hey Emelth i dont know how but i am banned from Toms wwithout any info??????what shall i do now.i 'was' HELLFIRE24
  3. Send an email in to the mods and ask why? I dont know why you were banned either, nor did I see anything
  4. where???what is 'mods'
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