Half Life Dedicated Server


I am trying to set up a counter strike server using HLDS
The server is being setup fine and i can connect from another computer to this server.

Hardware connected below...

Server setup on Laptop.
Desktop connected to Router with RJ45 and Laptop is connected to Router without any wires.

Desktop can access the server on Laptop thorugh the game(implying correct server setup)

but other's cannot access the server via my ip address.

Static ip has been set up.
port 27015 has been forwarded using my router.
Router Model : Linksys WAG120N
Software Firewall : Kaspersky 2011

Please help me..
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  1. did you do a port forward to the server?

    you could also try putting the server into the DMZ.
  2. Thanks for replying..
    port number 27015 has been forwarded using ip
    but my external ip is different from that.

    Router firewall is disabled.. HLDS allowed in kaspersky

    can u tell me more about DMZ
    Thanks :)
  3. A computer in the DMZ is like connecting the computer directly to the modem
  4. my ISP doesn't support static ip..
    so i have the router setup one for me and forward the port through that ip.
    how can i configure a DMZ?
  5. assign a local static IP to the server and add that IP to the DMZ in your router
  6. for other to connect.. shud i give the external ip or internal ip?

    i have tried disabling firewall for router and Kaspersky..
    no luck :(
  7. Best answer
    the external IP
  8. Best answer selected by busymaverick.
  9. LOL.. i was giving everyone the Local IP, Internal one..
    now everyone can connect with my external ip :)
    thanks for the replies :)
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