New build need help selecting motherboard

I have heard quite a few people rave about the AsRock Extreme board, however I've always considered AsRock a cheap board and never a premium option. Is anything AsRock really preferred over Asus? I will be using a 3570 Intel Proc.

These are the 2 I'm looking at:

and the Asus Sabertooth

Looking forward to hearing all your expert opinions
Thanks in advance
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  1. ASRock is the Asus 2nd tier brand. They are made in the same factory.

    The reason that ASRock is favored by many here is value. You get more for your money. You risk looser manufacturing standards. The incidence of RMA for an ASRock board is slightly higher than an ASUS or Gigabyte, but not as high as, say, Biostar (but some people RAVE about Biostar as well).

    If you are willing to risk an RMA to get a good board, eventually you’ll get a good product and that product will have good performance and upgrade path as well as good OC abilities. ASRock boards are made for enthusiasts.

    Sabertooth is a top of the line ASUS board. There is really no comparison. With a Sabertooth, no matter what socket you get, you’re getting a premium board, but then you’re paying top dollar for it.
  2. Thanks for your opinion groundrat. I did know that AsRock is also manufactured by Asus, not sure why i forgot that when looking at the board haha. Is paying the extra $100 for the Sabertooth worth it? I don't mind paying more if it's worth it. Performance wise I am guessing that their isn't a huge difference, however in build quality?
  3. Anybody else have an opinion?
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