2500k temps 4.8ghz oc at 1.43v good or bad 50 c

I just turned on turbo 50 on my asrock extreme 3 gen 3 and it gave me a 4.8 ghz oc at 1.43 v and when stressing out my cpu i got to about 50 c is this good or bad do i need to turn back my vcore ? mostly were my concearn is i know 50 c is fine just not sure on volatage im running a h100 cooler
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  1. The voltage is probaly fine but I would fine tune it. See if you can drop it a little bit. Never a bad thing if you can lower the VCore on an overclock.
  2. Try lowering vcore :) Otherwise it's all good!
  3. Heat is a CPUs biggest enemy, more so than voltage. Definitely try and trim it up a bit though, voltage is the largest power usage factor in OCing.
  4. ok well i just started running prime 95 with core temp maxxing out at 64 c on cores 234 and only 56 on core 1 so is that still doing good thanks for the help btw
  5. Try 1.385-1.395 See if your system is stable and will boot at some of the voltages from those 2 settings.
  6. it booted at 1.385 this was with manual oc though
  7. dont get vcore options with turbo fifty had prime 95 running for 30 mins max temp 65 degrees
  8. great! Now stress it!
  9. small ffts right so right at the end of my first prime it was sitting at 64 - 65 c is that good or should i dial it back a bit to be safe
  10. You realize it is a electical component, and where you push higher frequencies the vcore will automatically rise so as to push the voltage high enough for the transistors to cross the threshold in transition from vcore to zero volt and back. the faster you increase the clock speed the shorter time the trasistors have to cross their threshold, if you lower the vcore you are not going to push the threshold and it won't fire. a 1.4+ vcore at 4.8ghz is pretty decent and obviously the board is of good quality to allow that. By pushing vcore up you create heat, by pushing it lower you will get instability neither are good.

    Is there no AUTO vcore option, or manufacturer presets. Run if of the board manufacturers presets rather than screwing with vcore manually, the presets or auto will normally give you a 1ghz solid overclock without really pushing any component over the top.
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