M61SME-S2 problems

Okay, I was given this motherboard + a CPU which works with the board (Has been running in there for 4+ years), its got 2x 1gb DDR2 ram sticks. I worked out the PSU was failed so I tested it with my TX750 and now it powers on but doesn't give off a image. I have tested on-board and with my 8800 GT XFX and my GA 550 Ti, none of them give off anything. Don't know what the problem is but I think its dead. Any ideas?

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    Could be a weak power supply that can't handle your video cards. Also be sure your cards don't need a special lead from the ps such as the 6 pin connector.
  2. I worked it out in the end. Random problem with the cpu not making contact. Everything working fine now. P.S. 750watt is more than enough XD
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