Gtx 465 sli vs gtx 560 ti sli

hi guys, i know this has come up before, but like i think i've said in another thread, results have been similar, but not quite the answers/question the same as me. anyways i have been debating whether to get a gtx 465 sli setup, or a gtx 560 ti sli setup...generally i would go with the gtx 560 ti as they're newer, and seem to be great performers...but newegg has sales on recertified gtx 465's ill post the link below

now they go out of stock of these often, but they're in stock atm, and only $99.. these are the gtx 560 ti cards i will be getting if i choose 560 ti

i know i'm obviously going to save money if i went with the non oc'ed, and reference cooled gtx 560 ti's...but that is so far the one i decided on...

also, with the gtx 465's, i have a chance of getting a black pcb pny card, and being able to unlock it to a gtx in your opinions, is it worth potentially saving about $300 (total for 2 cards for sli) and possibly getting it unlocked to gtx 470, or should i completely stay away from the recertified cards? also i see a benchmark site and the performace difference is decent, but nothing i can't live with if i save $300 (which is the only reason im having troubles debating)

up to you guys! and thanks!
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  1. ok thanks, uhhm, what if you were on a tight budget? (i've been saving and slowly getting a part for my new build each month or so) would it still be a better choice to save more money up to get the gtx 560 ti's and worse case scenario just get a reference/non oc'ed one? i mean tight budget as in so far i only have my case/cooling/HDD's in the past 4-5 months
  2. I would stay away from recertified cards if you have a choice between new and recertified. It is still a used card.
  3. ok well...i'll give u my current specs, and what my specs will be (since i'll use it in my current machine until my next one is completely built)

    Current: core2quad Q6600,
    4gb sli ready memory
    2x500gb WD black 6gb/s, and 1tb storage WD green
    gigabyte g41m-es2l mobo (im working at a computer shop and might get my evga 680i sli mobo fixed though)
    coolermaster HAF-X case (loaded with extra fans for cooling =D )
    gts 450 (oc'ed to 950mhz @ 1.135v) stock 888mhz oc'ed @1.062v (got pre oc'ed)
    and an 800w psu

    Future build: i7 2600k
    16gb corsair vengeance ddr3-1600mhz
    the hdd's in my old system, 2x500gb and 1tb
    haf x case
    800w psu
    still deciding on the mobo (will be sli capable though)
    and corsair h50 liquid cooling
  4. 300 bucks is a sizable chunk of change. I wouldn't count on the cards unlocking, if they are recertified it is probably because someone already tried to flash it and it didn't work so they returned it. The 465s will run hotter and make more fan noise under load, so if that's a big concern go with the 560s. If not I would go with the 465s and save some money, they overclock well (my pair is running at 780/1780 and I've had them up around 850, but the fan was too loud for my liking), and unless you have multiple screens or a screen over 1080p they will max out anything.
    ^ that's my psu, theres multiple comments saying they suck, and multiple saying they're good (im guessing i might have a good one seeing as it survived a HDD shorting n frying a mobo, and another hdd that was using the same power cable as the shorted one caught fire as i was guessing the reason was because the shorted one kinda messed sumthin up) so either i got a good egg, or i got extremely lucky lmfao

    also im currently using a 27" 1080p monitor, but as soon as i find a paying job (im working at a computer shop but for co-op which is work instead of going to school) im planning on selling it and going with a triple 23" 1080p setup
  6. GTX 460s would be a better option for SLI because they run cooler and use less power. You probably won't find any as cheap as that 465 but you could still save alot of money over the 560ti's.
  7. Get a good single card with 2gb of video ram or more, and then plan on getting another one when you upgrade to 3 screens. Only having 1GB is going to be an issue when trying to run 3 1080p screens.
  8. well, if possible i would like to stick with a nvidia card (i don't have alot of issues with ati, its just personally each ati card i used, the drivers were confusing or didn't even work properly, and i've used nvidia for years) would the gtx 460 2gb be a good nvidia substitute of a 6950 2gb? also i just thought about it, and were the 6950 2gb's the ones that have a chance of being flashed into a 6970?
  9. 460's would be around 20% slower at stock but you could probably overclock them and make up some of the difference.
  10. ok well, i tried editing my last post but it didn't let me -.- says i cant edit the page...but i did some more searching, and i found this

    its like $10 more then the radeon 6950 2gb, its still nvidia which was my preference, and its only $5 or so more then the card i originally chose....would that be a good in between for only getting one until i get more screens?
  11. yeah, and i've always seemed to enjoy the twin frozr line (i wish that card was twin frozr III though!) and =O i just realised your thing says MSI fanboy! me too! well kinda =P i think my mobo in my new build will be msi, and before i chose those asus cards at my top posts i was gunna pick the msi hawk (usin twin frozr III design or w/e)

    so basicly would that gtx 560 ti 2gb be a great choice for keeping my preferences, while at the same time not completely destroying my budget? (since 1 will do until i get my own job/money, which would mean my budget could also increase)

    haha....but honestly guys...i really dont know who i should give best answer to >.< i mean you all helped me on multiple questions i had...i want to be fair but i really kinda strolled away from the main topic question during this...D=
  12. Looks like a winner to me, I didn't know they had any 2gb 560 ti's.

    384-BiT deserves best answer, he was here first, and he needs something to make him feel better after my 465's trounced his 480 in the tropics benchmark :p
  13. Hehe, we'll see ;)
  14. =O 384 bit, you should get one of these!

    orr....(i really like this 1 but its super expensive >.<)

    ahah i wish i could afford super beast setups D= maybe some day! or if im lucky some day i may get a huge deal from a guy in debt selling his machine =P never know until then i'm stickin to toms hardware for questions...they seem to be the best place to go for stuff =D
  15. I almost replied to this a few minutes ago . I had a lot to say but thought best I hold my tongue. First thing was the ati driver BS some people bring up. If you're having troubles with any drivers it's usually the installers fault. Gotta learn what to install and how to install it. There are no problems with either camp at this writing. The H50 water cooling "kit" Biggest pile of junk to ever hit the market. All it does is take the heat from the processor and spread it over a larger portion of your computer. The entire system becomes "saturated" with heat giving off 10 time the amount than if you mounted a $30 after market heat sink and fan. Then comes this guy with the sli-ed 465's. For $100 a pop, and considering the other hardware in your case it would probably be the smartest move. You don't have the hardware to push anything else any higher. I think your "next" build won't come around too quick.... for some reason. In my mind the only reasonable card to get would be a 6950 2gig card. That would be something to carry over to your next build whenever that gets done. There's probably more to say but I'm tired of going back and forth to read this mess.............. man, is that your post with the 2gig 560's ? if so, stay away from Palit. They suck.
  16. ahah dont we all need the cash? =P and wow! like 15 replies in only about an hour n a half or so...pretty impressive =) ill go ahead and choose best answer now, hope to see you guys around the forums again ur a pretty big help
  17. I just edited my post after reading the 2gig 560 thing.
  18. My two cents:
    1) SLI and Crossfire. It looks like you decided against this (I didn't read every comment), but there's a good article here at Tomshardware about the micro-stutter issue. After reading it I'd never consider SLI/Crossfire unless the entire concept is redesigned.

    2) 560Ti with 2GB?
    I would be surprised if you could find a game that would benefit from this. I'm not aware of any games that benefit from more than 1GB with that level of processing but I could be wrong. The other issue is the cost. If the difference in cost is large, then you're better off putting the money towards a GTX570 which does have more VRAM but also has the faster GPU to process those textures fast enough.

    I have seen several benchmarks comparing high-end cards with 2GB vs 1GB and I only saw differences at high resolutions (2560x1600) which were also beyond what a person would choose due to the LOW FRAMERATE.

    My advice is get one of the following:
    1) GTX560Ti (MSI or Asus?)
    2) GTX570
  19. well, i have a different aftermarket cooler, a coolermaster V6GT (which cooled great ofcourse) and over a period of time im hoping to leave the h50 and go for either the H100, or if i get a job, a "real" liquid cooling setup...also i will admit sometimes i don't install things properly, but generally i install them right, and when they have, i've gotten confused with the catalyst drivers...(i'd imagine its because i'm way too used to the nvidia control panel)..can i ask how exactly it spreads the heat to a larger portion of the computer though? i'm using a dual 2.4k rpm 120mm push/pull setup and using it as an exhaust (they recommend a push/pull as intake tho to use cooler air or w/e)
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