Component failure.Who to blame User or manufacturer?

I was looking back at an old thread.
I was wondering if we users are the problems.Then what is the real cause of the failure of all components?

Is it Antistatic damage?
I never felt antistatic problem or maybe just me.I dont take so much of precaution when dealing with antistatic dangers but then again if this is the problem i would be more vigilant when dealing with antistatic sensitive material.
I have a antistatic wristband but then again i thought it is more annoying then helpful when installing new components.

Or just defective(DOA)?
I havent had any problems at all with components out of 8 pcs(not alot) i have worked with, one ram and a gigabyte mobo has been damaged(not sure the cause).

Or any other related problems that could damage components?

I wanted to know the real reason of defective hardware so i could take more precautions on my pc equipment.Should i be more vigilant and wear the antistatic wristband and take more precautions when dealing with hardware?Or is it just the manufacturer and the hardware?
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  1. If you're referring to Newegg user feedback alot of issues are definitely the user.
    I read those just for the entertainment factor and idiots that rate themselves as experts and obviously are noobs or novice at best.
    Sure manufacturers release faulty components but i find it unbelievable that some users receive two D.O.A. boards in a row.
    I've had my fair share of faulty products over the years but none of them were boards or power supplies.
    Maybe i've been lucky.
    The usual like a bad ram kit or hdd.
    Novices will always/often blame boards for their lack of knowledge.
    How many times have you seen ram questions on here like my 1600MHz ram only runs at 1333?
    And people doing first builds that expect to overclock the snot out of it with no pratical knowledge.
    Btw i've never used a AS wristband.
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    I have built literally 100's of custom computers from the ground up. (worked in custom computer shop for many years).
    Fitted 1000's to 10,000's of sticks of RAM, PSU & Mobo & Vid Cards.

    never used a wrist strap.

    only ever had 1 doa board (it was DOA twice. once with a faulty Network port, 2nd time with dead onboard sound but system booted and otherwise worked fine. since then the system has been running flawlessly for 18 months)

    few tips tho.

    dont build the computer on the carpet in ur lounge room. carpet + movment = bad for ESD sensitive devices.
    Have a Large Clear work space (entire kitchen table / bench)
    Put the PSU in the case and plug it in (leave turned off) as the first step to any build.
    that way any time u touch the case ur grounded.
    Dont touch any hardware component by the pins or other exposed connections. By brackets / edges / plastic only.

    I still dont see why so many pple bend the pins of intel boards either.
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