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H i everyone I recently put together my new computer and im having problem( I apoligize if poste in wrong place) I put it all together but when I switch it on it turns off a few seconds later then on and keeps cycling. I tried breadboarding it and it still does the same thing. I thought the MB migt have been defective but it does the same thing with a new motherboard.

CASE (PSU came with case)
RAIDMAX Blackstorm ATX-615WW White Steel / Plastic ATX Mid Tower Computer Case
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  1. Did you format the hardrive and reinstall your operating system? Windows may be looking for the new board drivers and not finding them, causing the rebooting cycles.
  2. Everyting is is fresh out of the box I havent even open the win 7 box because I cant get passed breadboarding. MY PSU only has a 4 pin and MB has 8 pin could it be this thats causing the problem?
  3. The 4 pin may be adequate for a low end cpu like yours (I use a 4 pin connector for my board with the 2120) but your power supply may have issues. Using onboard or a separate video card? Raidmax ps aren't the best. I use ocz and antec.
  4. tried with separate and tried using the onboard video still no luck
    Thnx for the quick reply by the way
  5. could the ps be the reason it keeps turning on and off i thought it had plenty of power?
  6. OH MY GOD I feel Stupid the ram wasnt on right thnx for the help anyways
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