Mobo dead in new build. How to test if it is mobo or Power Supply?

How do I figure out if the motherboard is dead, or if the power supply is not providing power to an OK motherboard?

Here is my situation:

I have an MSI P67A-G45 B3 motherboard connected to an Antec BP550 power supply. When I connect the power supply, flip the power supply on and press the power button on the PC case, no component of the PC shows any life, the mobo does not even show any LEDs on.

The power supply shows 5V across the green and black leads (PS fan), so I _think_ the PS is OK, but I don't know what else I can do to prove/disprove that it works properly.
I think the the motherboard is the dead-on-arrival component, because it is not even showing any LEDs on when it gets 110V from the power supply.

Your advice is much appreciated.
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  1. follow the advice in the thread about how to troubleshoot .

    Its at the top of the forum

    I doubt either of your components are faulty
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