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  1. sorry for the caps! i posted thi son my phone.
  2. Well if you want that raw power pick 2 HD 6970 or 2 gtx 580.
  3. the 580 are a little out of my price range i can spend 750
  4. A GTX580 SLI is the most powerful option besides going with a MARS II.A GTX570 SLI is more comparable to a 6970 crossfire or a 6990.


    Since their aren't many 6990's that offer good aftermarket cooling(In fact their aren't any at all) I would go for the GTX570 SLI or the GTX580 SLI.If you go with the GTX570 SLI I think you will be very pleased with the results and you can save some money while still getting 2 cards with really good aftermarket cooling.

    I would suggest getting 2 of these...

    MSI GTX570 Twin Frozr III $370 + $8 Shipping


    You also get 2 games with the purchase of that card.
  5. will the two gtx 570 overclocked be better then the 6990 over clocked?
  6. Their right around the same area.Just remember that the GTX570's will operate at much lower temps than the 6990.Thus allowing you to O.C. further.
  7. ok.. wow this is tuff.. i think i should go with the gtx 570 i just hope they are better then the 6990 what do you think of the gigabyte or the evaga classafied soc
  8. I don't like EVGA cards because they hardly offer any type of aftermarket cooling.And those SOC cards aren't that great either because they make you pay an extra $20-$40 for such a small factory O.C. that you could of done it yourself and saved some money.But then again it is good for the non O.C.er.

    This however is my only exception.100mhz core O.C. and a good aftermarket heatsink makes the extra money justifable.

  9. You will have two of the quietest video cards made (the Gigabyte SOC) versus the absolutely loudest card ever made. The noise of the 6990 has been compared to a jet taking off. Tom's hardware actually refused to recommend the 6990 simply because of the noise. There really is no debate here.

    "The problem is that AMD doesn’t use a graceful ramp. It instead steps fan speed up and down to address thermal demands. As a result, you hear the board’s cooler accelerating and decelerating like an engine when the driver downshifts coming up to a stop light. There’s no excuse for a graphics card to be this loud and, if spinning its cooling fan up to 3600 RPM is the only way to keep the Radeon HD 6990 from overheating, then this product simply isn’t ready for consumption."
  10. Quote:

    I forgot to add that the overclock on the SOC is so high it performs very much like a GTX 580, so two of them will be faster than the 6990 almost across the board.
  11. i just ordred two gtx 570 soc classififed they use a 6 and 4 pin connector.
    and are stock cloked at 822.
  12. did i make a good choise they were only 339 each.
  13. If you have a budget of 750, then in my opinion is a radeon 6950 crossfire is the way to go. you have to keep in mind micro-stuttering. a 3 way set up will almost eliminate ms, however you board doesnt support 3 way cf, (well technicaly it does, but there is no point of running such a good gpu a x4 pcie.) i think the radeon cards are better, eyefinity, support for ANY 3d moniter uvd3 decoder,and the newest catalyst drivers from amd reduced micro-stuttering by quite a bit( it wasnt very noticible b4 ad it no existent now) etc... well thats just my opinion. u might b a nvidia fan and i have nothing against that. the 6950 offers the best price/performance ratio, and are very overclockable. if u get one get it with a good aftermarket cooler and like me u should b able to clock your from 800 mhz core clock to 925 mhz core clock. also some ppl have flashed the bios on the 6950 and turned it into a 6970. turns out the 6950 is just a 6970 with shaders and rops disabled. try finding one with a dual bios switch, the ones that have them u can usually flash, but its been patched on most cards by amd.
    This card is great(this is one of the 2 in my pc)
    this card stays somewhat cooler but is very big (this is the other one in my pc its enormous but cooler)
    hope this helps
  14. Dang i took 2 long to reply
  15. $340 is a really good deal for a SOC.You will be amazed at the performance.
  16. i kinda think i should have bought the gigabyte
  17. splatman213.. haha sorry i can alway cancel the order =)
  18. O wait, you bought the EVGA one?I thought you meant the Gigabyte SOC.
  19. lol did i do bad?
  20. cerreta2884 said:
    i kinda think i should have bought the gigabyte

    I agree, but the silver lining is that the EVGA cards have external exhaust fans, so in SLI they will blow all that hot air straight out of the case. The Gigabytes would exhaust all the heat inside the case.
  21. they were only 339 LOL I HEAR THEY ARE GOOD.. ***! HAHA
  22. wow thats great .. 384 check you pm
  23. I would rather the Gigabyte one but I guess the EVGA is just.But it is going to get loud and hot.
  24. Well the reference designs ones get loud reguardless.
  25. purple stank.. thanks for the link that makes me feel real good =)
  26. im excited.. it look like i will get better results with this card oc then a 6990 and be 100 bucks less =)
  27. Soooo much better.

    You are getting 2 cards aren't you?
  28. Yep bought 2
  29. Excellent choice! I just RMAd three Gigabyte 560ti-SO-950s. I fixed the problem with an EVGA.
  30. I forgot to add that the overclock on the SOC is so high it performs very much like a GTX 580, so two of them will be faster than the 6990 almost across the board.

    yeah you are right that two 570 will be faster but you cannot upgrade them except adding a third carf for 3 way sli which make a heater inside the case and will be louder than a 6990.people say that 6990 are loud but i think the stock cooler is not effective you need spmething like this


    liquid cooling -


    a 6990 will be more future proof.you can crossfireX them. :kaola: :pt1cable:
  31. They don't make an aftermarket air cooler for the 6990.The only option is liquid cooling.
  32. the cooler i mentioned even fits on 5970 and 6990 is no longer than 5970-

  33. So your saying the 5970 and 6990 have the same chip placement?
  34. Well I've heard that some of the 58xx coolers will work with the 68xx so I figured it could be possible although a dual GPU card can get more complicated which is why I'm curious about the 5970 and 6990 being able to use the same coolers.
  35. yeah its not sure that a 5970 cooler will work for 6990 but most probably it will cause
    6990 is not longer than 5970.so it should fit on it too
  36. well i had a 5770 and it was a good mid range card i never had an issues with it.
    but i agree with 384-bit that 6990 sounds like a jet in your case.but 570s will also make noise and consume more power.both cards have their pros and cons.
  37. Whar are the pros and cons on both
  38. well you cannot upgrade 570s in near future.
  39. well you got a point but still you can go for quad crossfire that will beat 3 way sli of 570s.
  40. well i am feeling tired of sitting and now i am going out.i will be back in a 3~4 hours.bye
  41. 384 im just worried the 6990 is faster lol
  42. hellfire24 said:
    yeah its not sure that a 5970 cooler will work for 6990 but most probably it will cause
    6990 is not longer than 5970.so it should fit on it too

    So you don't no if it will or not?

    How can you say something will work when you don't even know if it does?.What if you had said that to someone and they thought you knew what you were talking about and went ahead and bought it.Would have just cost someone $100.
  43. cerreta2884 said:
    384 im just worried the 6990 is faster lol

    I posted benchmarks earlier.The GTX570 SLI equals a 6990.

    Trust us, their are just so many more positive's to the GTX570 SLI than a 6990.
  44. Actually the one I posted before isn't very good.Here's a WHOLE bunch of different games comparing the GTX570 SLI and the 6990.

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