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Hi,I have a question about my motherboard and cpu.So I have notice that my pentium g870 is not "supported" by my motherboard,although it is functioning,allthough with some small bugs.Which leads me to my question.Why are all other lga 1155 cpus supported by this motherboard,exexpt the g870.The g 860 is supportred ,and they are identical other than a .1 ghz clock difference. So what gives?
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  1. Can anyone give me an answer??
  2. Hi. What's your motherboard model? Maybe it needs a BIOS update to support the CPU?
  3. It is an intel dh77kc.And I flashed the bios to the latest version ,but this did not help.And intel support gave me no answers.
  4. That is odd. It should've been on the compatible processor list. And the BIOS release note didn't say which new processors are included in the "updated processor support". Maybe they will fix it in the future. It would be nice if they could answer your questions. What kind of bugs are you experiencing?
  5. Occasionally ,the board wont post .After about 2 seconds of being off ,it turn back on only to work fine afterwards.And I just wish they could give a reason instead of just saying its not supported.
  6. It looks like they still keep BIOS up to date so they might come around to fixing it though that processor has been released for awhile now. Or it is already supported but they haven't updated the list and the POST problem is due to something else.
  7. I found a thread with a similar problem as you have described.
  8. Allright,il keep an eye on it.Thanks for all your help.
  9. You're welcome. I wish I could've been more helpful but I can't determine what's the cause of the problem.
  10. Iv come to discover that after changing my ram voltage from 1.5v to 1.65 (what my kit was rated at) the issue went away.So I guess Intel was just to lazy to put the g870 on the supported list.
  11. That's great to hear. Thanks for sharing the solution. I had a feeling they must've forgotten since it's their own CPU and motherboard.
  12. Yeah,no problem.It bothers me that 5 different tech support personnel told me both the motherboard and the h77 chipset did not support it and that the g870 is for Oem's.
    +1 for Intel customer support -_-
  13. :lol: The H77 supports should support that CPU. Their own website says so. I checked my motherboard (also H77) and even it supports the G870.
  14. Yeah I checked that too.And what motherboard do you happen to have?
  15. I have the ASRock H77M.
  16. Oh ok.And I found out why the g870 is not "supported".It is listed as a tray cpu,when it is most certainly not.It came retail with a Hsf and a booklet explaining my three year REATAIL warranty -_-
  17. Oh. Yeah I also saw it on Newegg with "heatsink and fan included" and "3 years parts and labor warranty".
  18. Yeah,I think im gonna call Intel and ask why the support on the website said it does not exist with a 3 year warranty ,yet I am holding a slip that states I have one.
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