PowerColor HD Radeon 6950 2GB

Hi Guys! I have bought a new PowerColor HD Radeon 6950 2GB. I have never had a successful boot on this computer. So I do not have Windows installed yet.

My Specs are:

Intel Core i7-920 (I bought this used and the previous user said that the CPU definitely works...)
Intel DX58SO (BTW This is an RMA board so this is definitely not a "dud" or faulty... And I do not know what BIOS version it is on...)
Mushkin Blackline 12GB 1600 MHz Triple Channel Memory (My board does not give any "memory reseat" errors after I bought this set of RAM so my CPU definitely recognizes the RAM)
Corsair 850W Enthusiast (Purchased it last night and all fans, LED fans, Cathodes, pumps etc. are powered and function, so this is not the problem)
PowerColor HD Radeon 6950 (I tried using and old Zotac 9800GT and no difference... So the Graphics card being a "dud" is highly unlikely... Though I cannot confirm that this has been tested and definitely works...)

I also need some advice. I have 3x Gateway 24" LED monitors that I plan on using for ATI Eyefinity. Is it worth buying another 6950 for $250? I want to get ready for BF3 and MF3 :)

Thanks guys!
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  1. so 12gig of memory. some of these boards ( the earlier ones ) you had to put 1 stick in to get it up and running. ( in the proper slot ) Others you could only have 3 of the slots populated.
  2. Sweet. Lemme see if that works...
  3. Nope...
  4. I see that you are a vet. Can you give me some advice?
  5. I think it's your cpu. if your power supply is powering your pumps, than it's fine. You have plenty of ram. There doesn't have to be a graphics card to get into the bios.
    I'm telling you mate. It's probably your cpu.
  6. As far as getting a second 6950, you probably won't need it. @gb Vram is a lot. The 6950 will close to max all settings in any game.
    As far as no boot, read thru this thoroughly!
  7. Thanks guys... So I called Intel again (I'm not giving up this war... Lol XD) And they said that my mobo definitely works because its an RMA, and they said if I have no RAM and sounds an error, 3 continuous long beeps, then my CPU also definitely works...I think its my RAM... My plan is to got to NCIX and buy any 1066MHz 1.65V ram, preferablly kingston and try that. no need to go like 6-8 gb on like testing ram right? 'll then just tweak the bios to register my 12GB 1600 MHz ram...
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