Motherboard + Memory Compatibility Question

So I bought some G. Skill DDR3 1333 RAM and an Asrock B75-DGS Motherboard from Newegg-
The ram said on Newegg that it is compatible with Intel LGA 1155 platforms so I assumed that I would be okay.
I went into a panic today though, because the RAM is not listed as supported/tested by my motherboard manufacturer. Should I just return the RAM and get a new set? Or should I try the ram in the motherboard to see if it works? Can it possibly work?

Basically my question is: Can RAM not specifically listed as supported on a Motherboard compatibility list still be compatible with your motherboard?
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  1. Yes they can be compatible generally not all ram cards compatible are listed. You just need to take care of the DDR2/3 and the operating frequencies.
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