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Im looking for a new case for my PC, all i have now is a generic black case. i would like a case that is visually appealing, has good airflow, good cable management, and good quality. by budget is around $120 USD, any suggestions?

thanks :D
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  1. COOLER MASTER Storm Enforcer SGC-1000-KWN1 Black SECC / ABS Plastic ATX Mid Tower Computer Case

  2. i did look at that but its not to my taste, any more recommendations?
  3. What sort of case are you looking for?
    Gamer style or more elegant
  4. i quite like my new case

    antec 300
  5. Fractal Design Define R3 or XL.
  6. this one is good case-
    enough room,high airflow and plenty of space.
    if you want silence then this one is a good choice-
    BTW Level 10 GTS miad tower is out.if you want,take a look-
  7. Wow that Level 10 is ugly.
  8. ^it's personal choice!BTW i don't like any Level 10 series case.
  9. Corsair 400R, 500R
  10. Would say something cooler master, but this guy is my mate and he doesnt have a massive budget, can't afford to ship in HAF 922 or anything like that (to NZ), can't get them new any longer. He says he's looking at Storm Scout or similar (stretching the budget).. Anyone know how good they are?
  11. I have the storm enforcer and love it. It was a breeze to work in, and it's also partly tool-less.
  12. Good and cheap = Antec 300.

    A bit out of the price range, but I am also liking the CM Trooper lately:
  13. A simple case, good quality no fancy pants bells and whistles! ($79)
    Corsair Carbide Series 300R
  14. ^and it sucks! atleast IMO.storm enforcer is better.
  15. far beit for me to disagree with the king of pop but at least looks wise I prefer the carbide imo . as far as functionality goes ill have to read up .
  16. ^see 400R and 500R are good cases.but 300R is a bit more kinda you know less quality i think.storm enforcer is easier to work's bigger wider and definitely looks better than also has side panel.add this fans at the top and you never face any cooling problems-
    all the best to OP.
  17. ding ding ding ... ^ good answer mj
  18. DING DING suggested it a day and a half ago!
  19. Hmmm well yes it appears you did . ding ding retracted mj and kudos to you davcon:)
  20. by the way,........
    HELLFIRE is here baby.....................!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    just messin!
  21. check out the 430 Elite, if your needs arent major. very sweet budget case with MANY options. just about 50 bux!
  22. davcon said:
    DING DING suggested it a day and a half ago!

    i agreed with you and it seemed your post was ignored so i thought i would reiterate it.
  23. Because Internet Cable seems to be ignoring you guys and I am telling him everything on your behalf, he says thanks.

    He thinks Storm Scout, he doesnt like the Enforcer, saying it looks too much like my old HAF 922 (not sure why, not that close) and an Elite 430 doesn't have the airflow he needs.

    He needs something decent size anyway, because he's borrowing one of my 6950s, and my Asus cards only just fit in my old HAF 922 anyway....

    He's ridiculously picky and seems to ignore all good advice, so he said no to the Antec...

    So Storm Scout is what it looks like.... Not a bad case by all standards though. As for the Corsairs, I dunno, he's kinda iffy about them.

    By visually appealing he means Raidmax Aeolus looks or better, or something else has to make up for it. But thanks anyway.

    Thanks Davcon for looking at all those NZ sites for us, really the good ones are and (kinda the neweggs of NZ), none of which stock 1100 or 300 as far as I know.
  24. A cardboard box + fan would be cheapest IMO.
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