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Hi There,

I am using quite old ACER Computer. Audio was working fine two days before. My friend came and did something. Suddenly it stoped working. He said he delete some files form "C:/" i think it is a audio driver files for my computer. After that i unable to here audio form my computer. I was strugling to get it back. I reinstalled Windows XP also i installed SP3. Tried with lot of driver and Nothing is working. still iam on the first page of the issue. I searched some were and found one ACER CD i installed that CD "!" sign gone from the device manager. It seems driver is installed but still the same issue. I tried with the sound tester the bars are not coming. The audio driver the OS looking for is "Realteck A'97". I dont know what is the problem. Some on please help me to solve the problem.... PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE..........

Thanks in advance for helping me.....
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  1. abekl said:
    I think what you want to install is the Realtek AC97 driver for Windows XP from here:

    Thanks for replying dude....

    I tried on the same website that you mentioned. Still the same issue... Please give me some other sugession....
  2. Why not try the Acer Site itself for all the Drivers for that particular model. They do have Driver and Download Support there.
    The Model of the rig would be on some sticker inside the rig, if you have no idea you can check it out from there.
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