Thunderbolt connection and discrete GPUs

Will the New Kepler Nvidia or the new 7000 series Radeon have a thunderbolt connection on them? Or does the thunderbolt connection on future motherboards transfer your discrete GPU video card's output through it?

I was also looking for info if a new 30" Apple display with thunderbolt connection would be forthcoming? They just came out with a 27" Apple thunderbolt display. Thanks for any replies.
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  1. I do not think any currently planned desktop video cards will have a thunderbolt connection, it's unneccesary at todays resolutions. Apple's display is only using it to connect multiple devices, basically it's a fancy cable for docking your laptop.
  2. I've heard that nVidia and AMD have expressed interest in making Thunderbolt-connected external GPUs for laptops and notebooks, but that was back in August and I haven't heard any news since. I think it'll probably take a few more machines than the MacBook Pro/Air to adopt Thunderbolt before they actually start production on such products. That would be pretty awesome, though, as the IGP in the MacBook Pro 13" is a little lacking... I've wanted to connect an external TB GPU for months now. Let's just wait and see ;)
  3. Also, I've heard that several companies, including Sonnet and Village Instruments, have announced Thunderbolt PCI-e docking stations. But something tells me they're going to cost a lot more than some people would be willing to pay...
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