Dead PCI-E slot?

Hello all, a few weeks back I got a new PSU after the hold one had "Shorted or died" on me. However when I got my new PSU, I installed it plugged everything back in to find that either my GPU or PCI Slot are damaged?

This confused me at first as my GPU was working fine until the old PSU died.

Need help before I buy another GPU (Using intergrated graphics for the time being)

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  1. Does your board have another PCIe slot?
  2. I've tried near enough everything... I'm thinking it's a graphics card but I'm not 100% sure so I came here
  3. If there was a problem, then when you press the power button the bios should report it by a sequence of beeps, anything more than one beep from the system points to a problem.
    Make sure you connected the 8 pin power block from the Psu to the motherboard this is for extra power to the cpu and the pci-e slot from the motherboard. Not connecting it causes the system not to boot. make sure the extra pci-e 12v power is connected to the pci-e graphics card if required, and then set the default graphics output in the bios to the pci-e slot, and turn off the on board graphics chip set.
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