Need advice for system

I need to get a new system and I am looking for advice

I will be using the system for:

1. 3d modeling/rendering in the development of games and short machinima,
( game dev and game playing for testing)
2. Use Fraps
3. Wacom Tablet and extensive photoshop CS5 with 3d
4. Unity 3d development
5. Opensimulator projects
6. low end mocap using kinect setups

Applications typess to possibly be used hopefully several open at a time:
3ds Max
Unity 3d
various opensimulators
Photoshop CS5
Fraps or other machinima/film capture systems

other misc apps used
MS office ( excel, word, powerpoint and access)
various databases and compilers

I need a good amount of hardrive space for the data
I also tend to like Nvidia just because I have had it on other machines and had no problems

I have been looking a i7 processors, asus motherboards
I am not sure how much memory I might need but in customizing this would like some room for future upgrades if needed later.

Also not sure about the power supply so basically I guess I need a good list of specs to use to customize my system. Prefer to buy custom from a company prebuilt for me.

Any advice would be appreciated
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  1. maybe a hexacore CPU and a Quadro GPU would be good. Ram is pretty cheap (100$ for 16gb) so don't worry.
  2. Please direct this question to the Systems section of the forum.
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