Replacing i5-2500k with i7-2600k, do I need to do anything?

My i7-2600k came in today and it will be replacing my current i5-2500k. Do I need to do anything before swapping them out or will I be fine?
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  1. No you don't need anything, both operate of the 1155 configuration. What you may need to do is ask yourself why you be so silly to buy a 2600K with IvyBridge coming soon *bemused.jpg*
  2. Because I already have the funds aside for when IVY drops and I got a nice deal on this 2600k in the meantime :)
  3. Makes sense, was just wondering.
  4. Why are you spending money on such a tiny upgrade, you could just go into the BIOS and increase the frequency to that of the 2600k easily. The only reason would be if you are using heavily threaded apps.
  5. I am folding, which was the main reason to make the jump to the i7.
  6. Dont know for the OP, but i would gain from the extra 4 threads... all depends what you do with computer... video encoding/rendering benefits from the hyperthreading of the i7
  7. Ok then, just pop it in and go.
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