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Hi everybody. Discovered this site a few weeks ago and I've been glued to it for information ever since. This my first question (of probably many). One of our computers is an older Gateway build that's been getting sluggish over the years.

That is it right there. I've been looking to upgrade the memory. There are 4 slots, currently two taken by two 512 MB sticks. First question, would it work to throw in two 1 GB sticks along with the 512 MB sticks to get 3 GB memory? I've read various things on installing them in pairs and such and I just wanted to make sure that would work if I were to just buy 2 sticks. Or would it be better just to go with 4 GB sticks and throw the 512's away.

Also, I spotted this on Ebay:

Before I purchase them, I want to make sure everything is compatible with the motherboard. I'm confused by the seller's comments about high density memory and I'm kinda skeptical of the price as I've seen the older DDR memory much more expensive than this everywhere else.

Any feedback would be helpful.

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  1. Is there no way for me to determine whether mine can take high density memory?
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    Read this excellent explanation (Breakpoint #1): Then you'll understand why you need the more expensive low-density modules.
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  4. Excellent, thank you very much. I learned alot from that!
  5. Fortunately the seller clearly indicates to potential buyers the modules are high density and a link to more expensive low density modules is provided. A buyer could hardly blame the seller if the modules don't work. On the other hand, a link to the eBay page that you read would also help potential buyers.

    Adding 2GB of memory will improve performance by minimizing pagefile usage.
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