Please help me building a gaming PC

I am welling to build a gaming PC, with good gaming performance, not VERY HIGH, just good enough to play recent games on reasonable frames/sec

My budget is 500 pounds, for mbd, gpu, cpu, mem and psu.
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  1. Hi,
    I'm going for AMD myself (smaller budget) but I'll have a stab at this.

    From the parts you list I assume you have case, OS etc.

    CPU: Core i5 2500k - £165
    Mobo: Perhaps someone else can help here
    GPU: Radeon HD6850 - £110
    Ram: G-Skill Ripjaws 8Gb - £40
    PSU: OCZ Fatal1ty 550w - £50

    Total £365 and should get very high

    Hope that helps to get you started
  2. Thanks!
    Looks like good spec
    Hope to read more suggestions
  3. Sub the i5 for an AMD Phenom II X4 955 and get a better graphics card (not too sure on the price differences, might be able to get a cheap 6970, if not a 6950 or 560 ti)
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