Is X79 a Good Buy Right Now?

Hello everyone!

I hope you all had a happy holidays and happy new year in advance.

I'm going to do some upgrades to my computer. I'm kind of set on LGA2011 with the X79 chipset. My plan is this: get a X79 motherboard with the cheaper i7-3820, then spend good money on a Ivy Bridge-E processor when they come out in Q3-2013. The motherboard I'm considering is the ASRock X79 Champion. It seems to have most of the features I want built right into the board, which is awesome. The thing I'm concerned about is Intel releasing a new chipset and suddenly a almost new motherboard is useless.

I did consider the i7-3770K, but that platform doesn't seem as upgradable as the LGA2011 setup. I know that the 3770K preforms on par with the 3930K as far as gaming goes, which is the main reason for this computer.

That being said, I also do a TON of video encoding and plenty of CAD modeling/rendering because of being an engineering student. I think the IVB-E processor would be a better idea, especially if I get a six-core one. It will definitely lower my encoding/rendering times.

Is getting a X79 motherboard a good plan right now? Even if a new chipset does come out, I would be fine with that motherboard, as it has all of the features I would need. I just want to make sure it's a good purchase.

To sum it all up, is this a smart purchase and a good plan for upgrading?

Thanks to everyone in advance for your input!
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  1. You can do nothing about intel absurd update schedule of chipsets. As long as your needs are concerned a X79chipset is the best option. With this chipset you'll get quad channel which will come in handy while using those heavy applications.
    As far as gaming is concerned leave that to the gpu.
    Get this board and wait for a good processor then buy it. Intel always has a really good processor in a line up that you can use for a couple of years and still outshine the newer ones.
  2. I just finished an X79 build a few days ago, I would definitely recommend buying the 3930k if your going to go with this chipset. It beats out my 3770k build on pretty much anything I run, plus it overclocks much better than ivybridge. If the 3930k is not on your budget I would just go with a 3770k, the 1155 socket is done with but haswell is going to be almost exactly the same but with better integrated graphics so it wont get outdated for a while, and by the time ivybridge-e becomes affordable you will probably want to get a whole new chipset anyways.
  3. I wouldnt bother with the 3770k because it uses a lga1155 socket, which is at its last generation. you wont be able to upgrarde to haswell because that will use the the 1150 and wont be compatible. unless you want to wait another 4-6 months for haswell just get sandybrige-E as that socket will at least have 1 more generation for you to upgrade. the 3770k may be better for gaming but thats what a GPU is for and wont at all be bottlenecked by a 3820. a 3820 just makes more sense as a processor goes, because its better for what a processor is supposed to do, not to mention it can overclock much higher than the overheating ivybridge
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