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I am try to put together a system for web designs and a lot of multi tasking. I already have a system at home which I use but this system was built towards gaming so It can handle web designs and graphic design with no problem.
New system is for my new job so I have to give them a quote, they want me to build the system and I am not trying to go crazy on the cost. I dont know their budget but I don`t wanna tell them something that way out of their budget.

I was thinking;
MOTHERBOARD - ASUS z68-v series (havent decide which one, PRO version is like $200, but there is LE and Regular version which is between $140 and $170)
CPU - Intel 2500k i7
RAM - 8gb ram
Video Card - ATI HD6850
HDD 1 - SSD for O/S
HHD 2 - 500gb for programs and such
External HHD - 500gb for backups

They will be supplying 2 monitors so I am covered with monitors.

This system costs about $1300 or so (with case and powersupply)

Is this too expensive? Since I dont know their budget I don`t know what is expensive to them but they don`t have a web designer and their company is growing so I got hired, but right now they are using laptops in office because they dont need anything more than that. So I dont wanna scare them of with the cost.

Any suggestion would be great towards system and how should I approach to this matter with them.

Thank You in advance
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  1. Ideally you can go with i7 2600, 16GB of RAM, Z68 motherboard and HD 2000 intergrated graphics (if you don't game)

    If you want to cut down the cost you can go with 1055t and 16GB of RAM
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