Corsair power supply schematic

are there any who have or know the link to schematic corsair HX-520W? I am a technician has a HX-520W, could the flame but not strong enough to power a mainboard or CPU.

5V rails = 4,8V 12V
rails = 11, 7V

help me please...
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  1. English please?
  2. like this;

    I have a corsair HX-520w,
    flame but could not get to turn on a CPU.

    I tried to remove and test by connecting the green with a black cord.
    psu could be the flame, all the voltage rails exist.
    but when installed on a cpu results:
    processor fan the flame,
    lights flashing,
    but no Beeb, and there is no display screen.
  3. ohh..., i'm sorry.......
    my english is not good...
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