Changed motherboard, PC MUCH slower!

Hello, I changed my motherboard from an ASRock Fatal1ty 990fx to a Gigabyte ga-990fxa-ud3, and now my pc is a lot slower. My CPU is the AMD FX 8120. I also changed from the stock cpu cooler to an after market one. PLEASE help!
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  1. Are you running this on the same windows install? Gigabyte does not like running on Asrock drivers.
  2. I'm surprised it works at all. Try reinstalling Windows like you are supposed to do when you change motherboards. That should help! ;)
  3. ive formatted my pc and reinstalled windows and everything. still much slower.
  4. Ok and all drivers installed?
  5. Yes. I'm thinking about sending it back and getting an intel motherboard and an i7 or i5. Would that be faster?
  6. Theoretically your system should behave the same with both the Asrock and Gigabyte. A I5 system would be faster.
  7. I think I'm going to switch back to the old motherboard. hopefully it will be fast again. If for some reason it isn't, I'll switch to intel.
  8. As rolli59 said there is no reason your system would be any faster or slower going from one 990FX chipset motherboard to another. There only reason I can think of to even do that is if your old board died or to maybe add expansion slots.

    Is Intel faster? Yes. But the only way to tell is in benchmarks or a side by side comparison and the difference is a few frames per second in some games or finishing tasks like encoding video a bit faster. In everyday use you would never be able to tell.

    List all of your components. Are you sure you have all the latest motherboard drivers from the Gigabyte website? Don't use the CD that came with the board.
  9. I switched back to my ASRock board, and it is fast again. This is the only board I can recommend. Thanks guys!
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    Great news must be something wrong with the Gigabyte since you did everything right.
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