Motherboard/Ram Issues

Motherboard is a Acer G45T/G43T V1.0.

CPU-Z Says my motherboard is a Gateway EG43M.

I currently Have 2 sticks of GDDR3 2G ram installed and I went and bought 2 sticks of 4G Ram. 240 Pin.

I went to specs online and it said the Acer G45T motherboard uses DDR3 and when I search Gateway Eg43M motherboard it says it uses DDR2.

I put the DDR3 4G in(brought one of my old ram chips to computer dealer and he said what would work) and Computer would not boot up , all it had was a high pitch alarm sound. It says motherboard is good up yo 8G of ram also.

So I am a bit confused to witch ram I should use.

New to forums for computer help so I apologize in advance If I haven't given enough info.
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  1. Well first of all you should look in to your drivers. It could be that CPU-Z is messing things up, but it could also be that your drivers are outdated. If you are 100 % sure you have the acer motherboard then you should have no problem booting up the pc, if you boot with the 4gb sticks, do you hear a number of beebs ? If so, how many beebs did you hear ?
  2. No beeps when I use the 2x 4gb sticks. Right when I turn it on a high pitch alarm sound happens and It won't even boot.

    It is the Acer. I took computer apart and its printed right on the side. Should I update my motherboard drivers you mean? ill check that out and see if thats the problem.
  3. All drivers are upgraded, I've tried many things.

    The Ram I currently have installed ins GDDR3-1333 2gb 128mX8 1.5v EP

    and the Ram Im trying to install is... 4gb DDR3 -1600 Cl9 240 pin.. UDIMM Kit.

    Thats what i says on the package.
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