HELP Only 2GB of 4GB RAM is recognized!!!!

Hi All,

Specs involved

i5 750
2- 2GB G-Skill DDR3
Windows 7 64-bit

Ive recently OC'd my i5 750 to 3.6ghz with BCLK at 180 and multiplier x20
I left all the voltages at auto turned off speedstep and turbo mode (Cstates on) The OC seemed fine no problems at all though i did not use any stress test however I didn't feel the need to since 3.6 is a known stable OC for the i5 750. Throughout the day i realized that the ram was only 2gb of the 4gb i have installed.

Heres the odd part did some research on it and no one seems to have the problem that i am having because all the other threads I've looked at had solutions (ie. 32bit instead of 64bit, msconfig max mem on/off, bios)

For my bios setting i have mostly everything on auto and for the
Mem gap (auto)
Mem remapping (auto)
PCI Allocation 4gb to 2.5gb*
Mem hole (off)

As for the msconfig solution i already had the max mem unchecked therefore that was of no use to me.

And running windows 7 64-bit theres no reason as to why the os wouldnt support 4gb considering I've had 4gb up until the OC.

I wonder if this has anything to do with the OC memory target of 1444mhz
while i believe the memory is 1333mhz.

I'd greatly appreciate any comment pertaining to my condition.
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  1. You need to adjust your fsb/ram ratio down, ram does not like to run much higher than it is specked for.
  2. Actually i just checked and the ram is spec for 1600mhz but previous it was running at 1333mhz. Also the ratio is 2:8 right now.
  3. Then it should have no issues running at 1444.
  4. But it only recognizes 2gb of the 4gb installed.

    Is there anything wrong with the times or clocks on the memory? I am sure this is the g skill I have, I am new to OC'ing but looking at the times would that affect it somehow. ( I thought it wouldn't since I didn't touch the times I left them on auto)
  5. Alright so i tried out that ratio lowering but that resulted in a failed OC (PC wouldn't respond after power up), therefore I reset my CMOS, the loss of ram was definitely related to the OC because after I reset the CMOS the 4gb appeared again. Also my ram is DDR3-2000 PC3-16000.

    Does anyone know what the problem could be?
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