Replacing Motherboard and CPU

Hello, I am new here so I hope that I am posting this in the right category.

I'm replacing my motherboard which is a msi H55m-E33 and CPU Intel i3 530, and going to a msi z77A-GD55 and i5 3570k.
Do I have to re install windows 7 or will it just boot up normally?

I also have a ssd which i would like to make the boot drive and get a 1tb for storage. How would I go by doing this,

I'm not very good with software, sorry if this easy and I'm overlooking this.

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  1. Since you are adding the SSD do a clean install on it without any other drive connected. If you were not you would get away with windows repair on first boot up.
  2. So you are saying that if i wanted the ssd as the boot drive. That I should do a clean install as its self. I have both drives backed up, could i just plug it in and put all the files on the 1tb?
  3. All user files (documents and such) programs would need reinstall.
  4. ok could i do a repair on the original drive and then move windows 7 over to the ssd?
  5. Yes but how are you going to move it? Copy paste does not work with programs.
  6. I think I have found my answer searching the forums
    But thank you rolli59 for your help
  7. Cloning is possible but a new install is recommended.
  8. Cloning causes WAY more problems than it's worth. Just copy over what you need.
  9. That's what I'm going to do. A new install on the ssd and just move the programs over
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