Internet problems, please help!

I just built my first computer and I installed a TP-Link TL-WN751ND for my WLAN connection. I installed the driver and the software that came with the card, but now every time I start my computer the driver is not found, but the card is recognized in hardware. When I trie to troubleshoot I only get 'no driver found'. The only thing I can do is remove the driver and re-install it, and then I have to open the case to unplug and re-plug the card during the installation which is really annoying.

oh and I didn't install all updates yet because I finished installing windows 2 days ago, could that be a problem?
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  1. Hi :)

    WHICH version of Windows and is it a LEGAL version ?

    All the best Brett :)
  2. Is this a legit windows install? Have you tried looking online at the manufacturers website for an updated driver?
  3. well my windows is windows 7 ultimate, service pack 1 and a downloaded -illegal- version, so could that be the problem?
    and no I haven't been on their site yet because I hoped it would be a little stupid problem that was so obvious that I forgot about it.

    but the strange thing is that when I install the driver again, the card works fine, but my computer seems to forget it when I restart... :??:
  4. First you should go to the TP Link site and get the latest driver version available.
    Uninstall the old driver and install the latest one (run as Administrator).
    Reboot the pc and see how it goes from there.
    If you do get the same issue again, try installing the new driver via the "Update Driver" method. Go to Device Manager find your card in the list, right click and select "Update Driver" then point to the filder where the new driver files reside.
    If you still have the same issue, I would take the card back.
    (a few bucks cheaper and N 300)
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